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William L. Silvaneus


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William L. Silvaneus 

Change Architect, Speaker, & Coach

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Sample Interview Questions



  1. In 60 seconds, what is A Certain Mercy about?

  2. You took a number of risks with this book. Why a suspense thriller?

  3. Tell us about the main character Steve. How does Laqueta fit into the picture?

  4. In the book you talk about the deaths of ten homeless individuals. Tell us about a sample of them.

  5. Are the deaths suicides or murders?

  6. Do I understand correctly that there is an unexpected romance in thriller? Can you gossip a little about it?

  7. So, there are other themes woven into the novel? Why?

  8. Sounds like you've developed an intriguing storyline. What kind of reception has the book received?

  9. This book is listed as the Mercy Series #1. Where is this series going? What are you working on right now? (A Mercy Withheld) (murder by suicide)



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A Certain Mercy.

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